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Dr. Annette Bosworth on the Issues

"My agenda is straightforward. I pledge to represent South Dakota with
Conservative values. Here is my contract with you the voters."
--Dr. Annette Bosworth

Annette’s 10 Point Pledge

1. Repeal Obamacare and replace it with a patient-centric, market based healthcare system that we can afford.
Obamacare is a disaster. We need to replace it with a system that does not add to the deficit, fixes Medicare and Medicaid, promotes tax cuts that expand private insurance coverage, and protects the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship.

2. Stop out of control spending: cut, cap, and balance the federal budget.
The deficit is spiraling out of control under Obama, but big government Republicans share some of the blame. We need to cut current spending, cap future spending, and pass a balance budget amendment to force politicians to do what every other American family does…live within its means!

3. Fight the intrusiveness of the federal government in all aspects of our lives.
From Obamacare to NSA snooping, big government invasions of our privacy are out of control. We must stop the federal government from violating our constitutional rights and protect Americans from warrantless searches and violations of our dues process. I risked everything to take on big government bureaucrats in South Dakota, and I’m not afraid to fight the establishment in Washington.

4. Eliminate our current tax system and replace it with a FairTax.
Our current tax code is too complicated, too costly, and too burdensome. I am a proponent of the FairTax plan, which replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, and dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality. I support the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge to oppose any and all tax increases.

5. Secure the Border. No Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.
America is a nation of laws. We cannot reward illegal behavior with amnesty in any form. If America can send an astronaut to the moon, we can and must secure the U.S. Border. I will fight hard for the resources necessary to enforce our current immigration laws, secure the Border, and to stop illegal immigration.

6. Protect and defend all Life and traditional marriage.
As a Mother of three and a medical doctor who has counseled hundreds of patients to save their babies, I deeply value and am strongly committed to protecting all life, especially unborn Children.

I support traditional marriage.

7. Fulfill our Constitutional responsibility to defend America.
The primary responsibility of the federal government is to provide for the national security of the United States. We must ensure our military has the resources necessary to fulfill its complex mission. Ellsworth Air Force Base and the South Dakota Army and Air National Guard play important roles in our national security system. Ensuring these vital assets remain strong and vibrant will be a priority for me in the U.S. Senate.

8. Eliminate unnecessary and overly burdensome federal regulations to boost our economy and make America more competitive.
There are too many regulations and laws. Seemingly, the only people that benefit are the lawyers that get paid to navigate them. These laws and regulations are sometimes used to unfairly target hard working, honest entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s time to end this nonsense. We must make America more competitive in the world marketplace by cutting the red tape and eliminating the bureaucratic hurdles.

9. Protect our Constitutional right to bear arms.
I’m a hunter. I’ve been hunting since I was a kid growing up on the prairie in Plankinton, South Dakota. You can count on me to protect our rights to own and carry firearms.

10.Enact term limit legislation to go along with my personal pledge to serve only two terms.
Professional politicians are part of the sickness that is eroding our freedom and pushing America towards bankruptcy. We desperately need term limits to bring new leaders to Washington who aren’t controlled by lobbyists and big money special interests. I’m a Doctor. I want to implement the agenda I’ve outlined above, serve South Dakota with honesty and integrity, and then return to my practice in Sioux Falls. I will not serve more than two terms in the U.S. Senate.

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