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Dear South Dakota Media,

I appreciate you calling attention to the error in my recent ad that highlights how as Governor, Mike Rounds reduced the sentence of Joaquin "Jack" Ramos, a vicious, abusive killer who murdered his girlfriend and her unborn baby in front of her children.

My ad said that Rounds commuted the sentence after the victim's family asked him not to.

It appears that in fact, Rounds commuted the killer's sentence without consulting the family at all.

Do I have that right? It seems that Mike Rounds objects to my ad implying that Rounds wasn't sympathetic to the victim's family. However, it appears Mike's Rounds' meeting with the victim's family isn't exactly anything for him to brag about.

As the Hill City Prevailer-News reported: (Victim's daughter) Jackie said the meeting with Rounds was stressful, and on the way home, she began having premature labor contractions. She said Rounds seemed to talk down to them and they felt they had gained nothing by the meeting.

“It was as though it was our fault for not giving authorities current addresses,” McLain said, but she added that with Ramos serving a life sentence, they did not give it much thought, as the horror of the tragedy was finally behind them and none had any idea he might ever be released.

And, she stated, that while Rounds told them he had the request for a commutation on his desk for two years and claimed he had not heard from the victim’s family, Sharon Callahan, who works in victim’s assistance, “looked up addresses (while they were there) and found it just like that.”

Obviously, Mike Round's decision to make Jack Ramos eligible for parole has serious consequences for the family. As the victim's daughter told the Hill City Prevailer-News:
If he is ever paroled, “I am positive he would come looking for all of us,” McLain said without hesitation.

“He (Ramos) used to beat my mom in front of us, ripping her hair and throwing her into walls. We feared for our lives. He had two pistols at all times and threatened to kill her if she ever left him,” McLain recalled. She said her mother didn’t leave because she knew he would come after them.

“He threatened to kill us in our sleep,” she said.

I'm going to correct the error in the ad and then re-release the video as quickly as possible.

I know it's unusual for politicians to try and get the facts right but I'm new to politics so please help me correct the error.

I'd like your help in making sure the new video is 100% accurate.

Is there anything you find factually inaccurate in the following script? I've underlined the proposed changes.

Mike Rounds commuted the sentence of a man who shot his girlfriend in front of her children.
The woman and her unborn baby were both killed.
Mike Rounds claims to be pro-life and tough on crime, but Mike Rounds reduced the killer's sentence without even consulting the victim’s family.
Mike Rounds says one thing, then does another.

Please let me know if this is accurate as soon as possible soon I can get the error corrected and let the public know the true story...as fact checked and agreed to by you.

Annette Bosworth, M.D.

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